The Sefarat-e Sefirot


Do not desire wealth for giving to the poor. "Is not a word better than a gift?" (Eccles. 18:17). If you have only bread, salt, or water, you can still meet the dues of hospitality. We have practiced virtue and done what is right, turning our desire towards God and His will, and directing our incensive power, or wrath, against the devil and sin. What then do we still lack? Inward meditation. "Be merciful and deliver me, O Lord, for without Thy help I cannot escape from the hands of my enemies." Divine Love. Pure Meaning. Find the Pure Meaning of the Prayer of the Heart.

Do not develop a habit of associating with people who are materially minded and involved in worldly affairs. Live alone. I urge you to welcome exile. It frees you from all the entanglements of your own locality, and allows you to enjoy the blessings of stillness undistracted. Do not stay in a town, but persevere in the wilderness. "Lo," says the Psalm, "then would I wander far off, and remain in the wilderness" (Ps. 55:7). If possible, do not visit a town at all. For you will find there nothing of benefit, nothing useful, nothing profitable for your way of life. "I have seen violence and strife in the city" (Ps. 55:9). Detach yourself from concern for the body when you pray: do not let the sting of a flea or a fly, the bite of a louse or a mosquito, deprive you of the fruits of your prayer. Do not be afraid of the noises you may hear. Even if you should see some demonic fantasy, do not be terrified or flee from the training ground. He who practices pure prayer will hear the demons crashing and banging, shouting and cursing; yet he will not be overwhelmed or go out of his mind. But he will say to God: "I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me" (Ps. 23:4). In the middle of the clearing in the middle of the woods, I heard a cannon fire. It was a wedding ceremony, I found out later. I kept praying and meditating on the Words of that Prayer which holds all the meaning of the Gospel in 12 (twelve) Words. But the devil filled my mind with thoughts of death, of my family having killed themselves. Later that day the solitude overwhelmed me and I broke down in tears. I was not ready, and my Prayer wasn't pure enough, I guess.

Another saint living the hesychastic life in the desert was attacked, as he was praying, by demons who for two weeks tossed him like a ball in the air, catching him in his rush-mat (LOL). They were completely unsuccessful in distracting his mind from fiery prayer.

Imagine that fearful and awesome judgment-seat. "The worm that does not die" (?). By means of these virtues the new Adam is formed, made again according to the image of his Creator - an Adam in whom, thanks to disapssion, there is "neither male nor female" (Gal. 3:28). Wrath is destructive of pure Prayer. Pure Wrath, however. "I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them my enemies" (Ps. 139:22). Our incensive power is also a good defense against this demon. When it is directed against evil thoughts of this kind, such power fills the demon with fear and destroys his designs. And this is the meaning of the statement "Be angry, and do not sin" (Ps. 4:4). Such anger is a useful medicine for the soul at times of temptation.

Distinguish between the component elements: the psyche, which has accepted the thought, the intellection of gold, gold itself, and the passion of avarice. Then ask: in which of these does the sin consist? Is it the psyche? But how then can the psyche be the image of God? Is it then the intellection of gold? But what sensible person would ever say that? Then is gold itself the sin? In that case, why was it created? It follows, then, that the cause of the sin is the fourth element, which is neither an objective reality, nor the intellection of something real, but is a certain noxious pleasure which, once it is freely chosen, compels the intellect to misuse what God has created. Bread is food for the body and holiness is food for the soul; spiritual prayer is food for the psyche. Never try to see a form or shape during prayer. The man who always dedicates his first thoughts to God has perfect prayer.


"Your abundance should supply their want, so that their abundance likewise may supplay your want: then there will be equality" (2 Cor. 8:14-15). The premises from which we begin are not arbitrary ones, not dogmas, but real premises fron which the abstraction can only be made in the imagination. They are the real individuals, their activity and the material conditions under which they live, both those which they find already existing and those produced by their activity. By producing their means of subsistence men are indirectly producing their actual material life. The network of Soviets undoubtedly has a dual nature: political and revolutionary on the one hand; economic and constructive on the other. The first aspect is dominant in the early stages, but as the expropriation of the bourgeoisie proceeds, it gradually cedes in importance to the second. Necessity will gradually refine the bodies which are technically competent to fulfill this second function.

---Sonnet #3---

My wishes all too soon, agoric thoughts
and thoughts thereof, reflect thereon and on.
But I know love, and all its kisses fought,
and how its leaves and bound do fight it so.
What Demiurgos urges pain for naught;
that thing it is, I praise that fervently
as captive lovers brace themselves to be shot,
a fitting sentence for agaric thoughts,
those dereistic things that bark all night.
It should be tender, soft, caress me not.
He presses in, the park, an exit, quick
while Exodus reads, my soul, my string grows hot,
a fever, lovely fire spreading more,
the Demiurge leans, a kiss, caresses not.